Snow Skiing and Scuba Diving in Iran

Iran is a country of both mountains and deserts with a diverse climate condition, so that people who live in the northwest of Iran have mild springs and falls, cold winters with heavy snowfall, and hot and dry summers; while people in the south of Iran have mild winters and very hot summers. Due to Iran's [...]

A Food Journey to the Heart of Persia

Food is a major element of all cultures around the world and local cuisine has always been an important part of most travel experiences. Food tourism tells the story of people's cultural history. Traditional Recipes and the history behind them are Intangible Cultural Heritage helps people to exchange life experiences with others. Since the quality [...]

Iran Handicrafts and Folk Arts

The unique local culture which differentiates one country from another is an important point of a destination’s fascination. People with rich cultural heritage are also creators of amazing traditional handicrafts and folk arts. Handicrafts are important cultural exports; they are able to add to the traveler's experience by telling unique stories about the lesser-travelled regions [...]

Zurkhaneh, Iran Traditional Sport

Zurkhaneh is a Persian type of sports club where athletes undergo rigorous regiment training under the direction of masters known Morshed. The term Zoorkhaneh which means "House of Strength" refers to the place of Iran traditional exercises. The Zurkhaneh ritual is lead by a musician who chants sacred poetry while keeping time on a drum [...]

UNESCO World Heritage in Iran

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) is an intellectual agency trying to encourage the identification and preservation of tangible and intangible world heritage all around the world. World Heritage Sites are universal treasures listed by UNESCO as of special cultural or natural importance and Intangible Heritage are interesting traditions we live with [...]

Iran hosts the WFTGA in 2017

The world Federation of Tourist Guide Association is a non-profit, non-commercial and non-political organization which gathers tourist guides around the world every two years in the voluntary countries. Its main purpose is to promote market and ensure that tourist guides are recognized as the ambassadors of a country. Iran won the Prague election over Denmark [...]

One of the Best Beach Resorts in Iran

You may have traveled to several beach resorts and visited many unique marine attractions which you hadn’t seen before, though have you ever heard of Qeshm Island? Iran owns different color sand beaches with a wide range of holiday experiences which you can travel without a Visa. Here in this article I want to introduce [...]

Muharram – Iran special event

Iran Muharram MourningMuharram - Iran special event October, in addition to being one of the best time for visiting Iran due to pleasant weather; now in 2016 the coincidence of October and Muharram will be a great chance to experience the month of sorrow, resistance and love in Iran. Muharram is the first month of lunar calendar when my [...]

Travel tips to Iran (top tips you must know before you travel to Iran)

Travel tips to Iran (top tips you must know before you travel to Iran) Iran visa Process which one: solo travel or tour Credit cards and Iran currency Dress code Least but not last: Iranians aren’t Arabs How much should I tip? How much money should I bring? What is the best guidebook for travel [...]

Kerman Traditional Hotel

Iran is the home of beautiful traditional houses that many of them has been converted to hotel. Approximately all of Iran travelers have the experience of staying at least one night in these amazing house so that has provided them am memorable nights. Kashan is the main city that many of its hotels are traditional, after this, [...]