With Gardeshgaran Travel Group, You CAN Have A Safe, Secure , Exciting And Memorable Trip To Iran  . . .  


Iran tour center group is one of the pioneers of Tourism Agencies in Iran. The company was established in 1999. Since then, iran tour center group has expanded into three branches with more than fifty-five professional and highly trained staff.
With our comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country, many consider us as one the most innovativestaff and successful suppliers of travel services and tour packages in Iran.
As an active member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) we are specialized in providing customized and tailor-made tours with a wide range of carefully planned products.
We have a full commitment for building a company that is unique and seeks long lasting relationships with its clients. Not even that, our Iranian hospitality traditions has pushed us further to go an extra mile to positively meet our client’s needs and expectations.
In order to better serve our happy clients, we’ve grown from a single Iranian office in 1999 to our current network of agents in the United States, Thailand and Germany.
Now, as you become more interested in considering traveling to Iran, you may be thinking what’s so different about irantourcenter group? Here are some interesting facts:

  • We are one of the largest suppliers of travel services in Iran. This means that we can customize and personalize any part of your travel experience and can offer you unbeatable prices and discounts on about every IRAN tour and vacation packages.
  • We have excellent reputation for providing quality and value to our big database of clients. Being passionate about the Industry, we consistently put together discounted hotel and tour fares.
  • How we can do that? From the mass of daily updates that arrive every day, our staff take time to search for the “hidden fares” and “ best deals” of any hotels or tours available with a quality service.
  • After being in the business for a long time, we have strong positive relationships with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hotels, and transportation providers to ensure that you receive impeccable service and the highest level of attention during your trip to Iran.

A travel group strengthened by our own education center

Our Company has many divisions with diverse specializations in inbound and outbound Services which include:

Domestic Tour and Flight Department:
Our team of experts help our clients find their perfect destinations, whether it’s a short trip or one-day tour on weekends to beautiful places around Iran, a full package with competitive prices, distinctive destination offers or any other requests such as flight services or accommodations.

Outgoing Tour Department:
For travelers who want to visit other parts of the world, our professional travel consultants help them find their dream travel packages with attention to details and a customized experience.

Seasonal tours to major cities of countries like Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand or any other European countries are provided as well. Our clients can also apply for Schengen visa or Costa Cruise Tours, through our outgoing tour department.

Incoming Tour Department:
Here, our friendly professional experts with in-depth knowledge of region’s travel needs or regulations, are always ready to assist you with a smile.

They can keep you updated about latest news or any information necessary for traveling to Iran. There is a large number of itineraries available to suit your convenience and to give you peace of mind from the time you arrive the country.
As a client, you can benefit from any customized full packages that include visa, accommodation, multilingual tour guides, airport transfers and domestic flight services.

Education Department:


In our education department, with more than a thousand students, we train the best, hire the best, or refer them to the best of the industry.
This guarantees that we are always up-to-date in using the best service, staff or technology available. This also sets us apart as a leader and educator of other travel agencies or any hospitality service provider in Iran.





Some of our courses include:

  • Tour guidance / leadership
  • Hospitality management
  • Hotel management
  • English for tourism
  • Cooking and confectionary courses
  • English for hotels
  • English for Aviation and Flight crew
  • Handicraft courses

During the years Gardeshgaran group has been awarded with numerous valuable titles:

  • Best tourism brand in the third tourism brand conference of Iran in 2012awards
  • Honored as the supportive producer of costumer rights in Iran in 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Best agent of Turkish airlines in 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Best agent of Qatar airlines in 2011 and 2012
  • Best agent of Air Arabia airlines in 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Best agent of Gulf Air airlines (at the time of presence) for three times
  • Best entrepreneur of the year,2014
  • Best creativity in brand engineering in the 3rd  National Tourism Branding Festival, 2012

There’s no better time than now to travel to Iran since Iran has been identified as the next travel hotspot in the world, and our company is ready to begin closer tour operating partnership with tour operators and agents from all around the world.