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No need to say that removing some of the sanctions against Iran is the most important reason which raises the number of Iran backpackers, budget travelers or independent visitors. Iran is a vast land with unbelievably various attractions in different cities all around the country. The section of ma Iran Daily Tours was added to irantourcenter helps these kinds of tourists to get the most from their visit to Iran. This part consists of different day tours from Iran in cities and also the can’t-miss attractions located out of the city. For more directions connect us.


Tehran day tours

  • Direction 1 (southern part): Golestan palace, Iran national museum, Jewelry museum, Tehran Bazaar, Moqadam house, US Den of espionage
  • Direction 2 (Northern part): Niavaran and Saadabad palaces, Tajrish Bazaar, Tabiat bridge
  • Direction 3: Tochal ski resort, Milad tower

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Isfahan day tours

  • Direction 1: Abyaneh, Jolfa quarter and Vank cathedral
  • Direction 2: Naqshe Jahan square, Chehel sotoun, 8 Behesht
  • Direction 3: Natanz (Jame Mosque and Rayan complex)

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Shiraz day tours

  • Direction 1: Persepolis, Nomad camp, Pasargadae
  • Direction 2: Karim khan complex (Pars museum, Arg ,Vakil Bath and Seray Moshir), Hafez tomb, Jahan nama garden, Saadi tomb
  • Direction 3: Nasirolmolk mosque, Qavam garden, Zinatolmolk house, Shahcheraq
  • Direction 4: Pooladkaf ski resort and Margoon Waterfall
  • Direction 5: Firoozabad (Ardeshir palace and Qale dokhtar)
  • Direction 6: Bishapour (Tange chogan, Anahita temple), Nomad camp (March-September)

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Yazd day tours

  • Direction 1: Fire temple, Amirchakhmaq complex, Jame mosque, Water museum
  • Direction 2: Old town sightseeing, Qanat zarch, Silence tower
  • Direction 3: Zeinondin carvansarie, Mehriz, Arg Saryazd
  • Direction 4: Taft, Manshad
  • Direction 5: Meybod, Chak Chak, KHaranaq

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Kashan day tours

  • Direction 1: Traditional houses of Tabatabaeeha and Broujerdiha, Fin garden and bath
  • Direction 2: Niasar (waterfall, cave and fire temple)
  • Direction 3: Maranjab desert, carvansarie shah abbasi , Noosh Abad underground town
  • Direction 5: Carpet weaving workshop, Aqabozorg mosque, Kashan traditional Bazaar

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Kerman day tours

  • Direction 1: Mahan (Shazde garden and shah Nematollah vali), Rayen citadel
  • Direction 2: Meymand rocky village
  • Direction 3: Shahdad desert
  • Direction 4: Ganjali khan complex, Kerman Bazaar, Jabalieh dome

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