Do I need a visa to visit Iran?

Citizens of all countries except Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Azerbaijan will need a visa to visit Iran. These mentioned nationals can travel to Iran without needing a visa. Some visitors will need to get a tourist visa in advance, while some visitors will be able to get a visa on arrival.


What is the difference between the visa authorization numbers and a visa?

The visa authorization numbers are given by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to approved visitors. Approved visitors then can apply to get the visa. The visa is the actual document issued by an Iranian embassy or consulate and put into your passport that allows you to enter Iran.

How long are the visa authorization numbers valid?

The visa authorization numbers are valid for thirty days. Once you receive them from Iran Tour Center, you should contact your designated Iranian embassy or consulate to make sure they have received them from the MFA. Do this within three days of receiving the numbers. If the embassy or consulate has not received the numbers, contact Iran Tour Center so they can have the MFA resend the numbers.

How long is the visa valid?

The visa is valid for three months after it is issued.


How much does the visa cost?

There are two fees, one for the visa authorization numbers from the MFA and one for the visa stamp in the embassy. The cost for the visa authorization numbers is $40 and paid to the travel agency for applying for the numbers. If you purchase travel services or a tour, Iran Tour Center may discount or waive this fee.
The second fee is for the visa itself. The cost of the visa varies according to one’s nationality but generally costs between 40 to 60 Euro. Please contact Iran Tour Center or individual Iranian embassies or consulates for the most up to date information about visa issuing procedures, fees and policies.

which nationalities can’t get their visa by travel agencies?

Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan must refer themselves to Iran embassies around the world and apply for their visas except those who have other passport can get their visas though travel agencies.

Which countries can travel to Iran without visa?

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt

Which countries can get Airport visas?

Since the number of nationals are a lot, so, it is better to say which countries can’t get Airport visas that are: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, American, Canada, England, Iraq, Jordan, Colombia, Bangladesh and Somalia.

what are needed documents for VOA visa, what is the number of this visa and how much is its rate?

Needed documents are just passport and visa fee that differs based on nationalities.
Generally, the rate of VOA visa varies between 40 to 145 euro based on applicant nationality.


How many days the issued Authorization number is valid?

it has one-month validity.

when the applicant must refer the embassy to do the process for visa stamp?

referring Mfa regulations, the applicant must refer to embassy three days after issuance. But since each embassy has its own policy, our recommendation is to call them after three days and ask for guidance

How much is visa fee ?

A: There are two different payment process:
1-    Mfa visa process that must be paid to travel agency (in touristy visa process) .its rate is 40 $ and free on tour
2-    Embassy visa process. The rate for American, British and Canadian nationals is 200 euro and for other nationals is between 40 to 60 euro .

If a tourist wants to reapply for his/her visa after leaving Iran. when the request can be sent to Mfa again?

The request can be sent from one day after leaving Iran.

Can I get a double entry visa?

In some special cases, the MFA may issue a double entry visa. You need to provide an exact itinerary when applying.
Does Mfa issue Transit visa?
Yes but may not be accepted in some cases and special times and based on mfa decision.

If a visa request is denied, can I apply again?


More information about iran visa

As of August 2015, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of reviewing and revising visa policies. Please contact us for the most up to date information about visa issuing procedures, fees and policies.