Travel tips to Iran

(top tips you must know before you travel to Iran)

Iran is a country that has been the top news headline of the world’s economy, politics and human rights for several years that without doubt has had negative affect on every body’s mind. But let’s leave all have heard till now, back your pack and step in to a vast land that its civilization is one of the top ten oldest ancient civilizations of the world.

Surely, you will be surprised.
When you decide to do something new, search a lot to know all aspects of it so that nothing must be skipped. Travel is the same, too. For having pleasant travel, you need to know some highlights and important points about your destination and since we like you have a memorable travel to Iran, have shared the most important points as follow:

Iran visa Process:

Iran visa has different processes based on the nationality of the applicant. Even some can get their visa upon their arrival to Iran. The good news is that approximately 90% of nationalities can get their visa upon arrival and again another good news is that the number of Iran airport visa has increased to 30 days.  But some prefer to have their visa before their travel, especially that some airlines currently ask to check the visa of passengers at check-in gate. In such a situation, you must select a trusted travel agent that has authority of applying for Iran visa from ministry of foreign affairs. Select your travel agency carefully so that don’t waste your time and money. For more information, you can check the following link:

which one: solo travel or tour

May be you like to travel independently and solo. why not. Iran is safe enough to could travel without need to help especially that you can get many useful information by surfing the net and in travel forums. Although you must check your nationality again because based on governmental rules, the passport holders of some countries such as America, Britain and Canada must be within their tour during their travel to Iran.
It means an authorized travel agent or tour operator must arrange your tour and hire an approved guide to company you during your stay in Iran.
Don’t be disappointed, having a travel mate that has good information about your destination could provide you a totally different experience. Something that you may not have in your solo travel.
Even if your nationality isn’t of the above mentioned ones but want to have a first time hassle-free trip to Iran, we recommend you consult with a travel agent and let professional and experienced locals plan your travel and so could get the most of your visit.
In fact, Iran is a vast land with a large variety of natural, historical, cultural and artistic attractions so that could satisfy many people with different tastes and interests. But for visiting all, you will need a long time even more than a month. So, travel within the tour (private or group) for the first time will help you to enjoy more and even arrange your next trips to Iran by yourself.
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Credit cards and Iran currency

Although you will see several ATM’s in cities but they are useable just for Iranians itself. For travelers, Iran is a cash country and none of western credit cards work here due to several years of international boycotts.
Bring enough cash with yourself.
Also, Iran has two names for one currency. One is formal and the other is local and you will hear a lot in bazaars and shopping centers. The first is Rial and later is Toman. Their difference is in the number of their zeros; In Toman you must omit one zero.

Dress code

Iran is an Islamic country and so has specific regulations for both men and woman’s dress in public. However, they are not observed strictly but must be obeyed. Iranians believe “Iran is the country of differences” and here you will experience may things totally different to the rest of the world.  For this, it would be good if you have an adventurous spirit. Covering your hair and body is just what you need to do. For this, there is an option that we call it “manteau” something like coat that you can find in different colors, models and sizes. For covering your hair, too, scarf or shawls are available. For men, too, please don’t put on shorts in public.

Least but not last: Iranians aren’t Arabs

The above mentioned information are the most important tips every passenger must know before travel to Iran. Also, it is good to have a brief information about Iran history and become familiar with some words such as Persia, Aryans, Achaemenid empire, Zoroastrians and Cyrus the great. These are the words that distinguish Iranians form Arabs. Yes, Iranians aren’t Arabs. They are a nation proud of their history and race. something that you will hear from all Iranians and if you see some similarities between Iranians and Arabs is due to their common religion.

How much should I tip?

Another question that many travelers to Iran have is ” How much tip should I tip? ” .

The answer is that there is no standard fixed rate and how much you tip is totally dependent how you feel about the services provided to you. Some Iranian tour operators and travel guides recommend tipping guides $5 a day per person and, of course, for a driver guide it would be more-up to $10 per day.

How much money should I bring?

It really depends on the person. If you want to buy a lot of souvenirs and handicrafts such as carpets, you need at least $2000 to $3000 just for shopping. Meal costs in Iran vary widely depending on whether you are eating street food or sitting down to eat in a fancy restaurant. You may pay anywhere from $3 to $60. Most tourists will probably spend between $20 to $30 a day for meals.

   For more about iran money and credit card  click here . . .

What is the best guidebook for travel to Iran?

Lonleyplanet is the best guide book that you can find now. Also, travel forums such as TripAdvisor, Lonleyplanet, virtual tourist or reddit are good options, too; because you can get your answers from posts that Iran travelers have shared. Although, asking your questions from irantourcenter staff is the best option since they will provide you the most up to date information that any traveler to Iran must know.

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