Iran money and credit cards

One of the main challenges for travelers to Iran is that it is a cash country and they have to bring hard currency with themselves. In fact, due to international boycotts, Iran isn’t connected to the international banking network and so traveler’s checks and credit cards will not work here.

Because of this, travelers have to bring cash with themselves and keep it during the entirety of their stay. Carrying a lot of cash raises concerns and results in an unsafe feeling.

But there is always a solution for any problem and Irantourcenter Travel Agency (with local name of Gardeshgaran shahr-e-raz) has found an answer. Travelers can have hassle free travel with no worries about money by getting an Iranian credit card to use during your trip. You can use it to pay for expenses in Iran while your money is kept secure in bank.

How to use this:

After you decide to travel to Iran, you have two options:

  1. Send the request form and a copy of the information page of your passport to us. Our team will contact you and send you information for a bank account in Malaysia so that you can pay your considered amount to this account. We will apply for your local Iranian credit card and deliver it to you as soon you arrive in Iran.
  1. Or you can apply for an Iranian credit card in advance and then deposit money into your bank account on arrival in Iran. Although with this option, you have to have carry cash while you travel to Iran and accept the possible risk of losing it.

The bank will charge $40 for processing each card issued.

Needed documents: request form and a copy of the information page of your passport

The bank name is: Passaged

By using your credit card you can withdraw cash from ATMs to pay your expenses. ATMs can be found everywhere in Iran. You can also use it to easily pay at the point of sale when you are shopping in stores or even use it to purchase things on your mobile phone.

The main differences between this card and gift card is that:

  1. It is chargeable and anytime you want, you can pay money to the bank to add to your credit card account.
  2. It will be issued in your name so that if you lose it nobody else can use it.
  3. By using gift cards, can only use them to pay at the point of sale when shopping. Using an Iranian credit card gives you more flexibility. It allows you to withdraw cash from your account anytime and also pay for shopping at the point of sale.