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Meet the Qashqai people, one of the largest and most important nomadic groups in Iran, and experience traditional nomadic daily life in beautiful pastoral areas around Shiraz. The Qashqai travel with their flocks of sheep and goats from summer highland pastures north of Shiraz to warmer winter lowland pastures near the Persian Gulf. They are known for their weaving skills and produce colorful carpets and other woven wool products.

Tour by Detail

Day 1 -Tehran

After your arrival in Tehran, you will be met at the airport and then taken to your hotel to check in and relax. Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 2-Tehran

You will spend a full day touring Tehran, the capital of Iran. Visit historic Golestan Palace, a Qajar era palace that combines Persian architecture with Western decorative influences. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this lavish complex of 17 palaces and gardens is both a historic site and museum. You will also experience the lively alleys of the Tehran Bazaar and see The National Archaeological Museum, a showcase for Iran’s rich and ancient history, as well as the glittery Jewelry Museum and Carpet Museum. Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 3- Tehran /Isfahan

After breakfast, you will drive to Kashan, a beautiful oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir. Here you will see the Borujerdi and Tabatabei Houses, gorgeous 18th and 19th century traditional homes built by wealthy merchants. You will also visit the ancient archeological site Tepe Sialk and the Fin Garden, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 16th century, the beautiful and serene Fin Garden is the oldest living garden in Iran. Leaving Kashan, you will have a short drive to Abyaneh, one of the oldest and most beautiful traditional villages in Iran. It is a fascinating place, with ochre- colored houses, lattice windows, and fragile wooden balconies. The village is built on the side of Karkas Mountain and its twisting lanes offer many splendid views. After spending a couple of hours in Abyaneh, you will drive 2 hours to Isfahan. Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 4- Isfahan

After a traditional Iranian breakfast, you will discover the glorious city of Isfahan, once called “Half of the World.” Visit the stunning Chehel Sotoun, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the Palace of Forty Columns. Built during the Safavid era, the pavilion is decorated with beautiful murals and mirror work and is set in the middle of a pretty garden with a reflecting pool. Continue your tour of Isfahan at Naghsh-e Jahan Square, the second largest square in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the grand Ali Qapu Palace, you will marvel at the gorgeous Music Room and stand on a terrace where Shahs watched polo matches on the field below. Visit two mosques located on the Square: the charming and intimate Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with its stunning peacock ceiling and Imam Mosque, a masterpiece of Persian Architecture. You will also stop at the Qeysarie Bazaar, where you can see traditional Iranian handicrafts being made in artisan shops. Later you will experience the festive atmosphere at two of the ancient bridges of Isfahan, the Sio-se-Pol and Khaju Bridge. Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 5- Isfahan /Shahrekord

There are more wonderful things to see in this half-day tour of Isfahan. Visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jame Atiq Mosque, built in the 8th century and one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Tour Hasht Behesht, a Safavid palace called Eight Paradises set in a serene garden in the middle of Isfahan. You will also see Jolfa, the Armenian Quarter and visit the elaborately painted Vank Cathedral. Leaving Isfahan, you will drive an hour southwest to the city of Shahrekord. Overnight stay in Shahrekord.

Day 6- Shahrekord

Shahrekord is located in the Zagros Mountains and is known as the “Roof of Iran.” Famous for its mountain scenery, waterfalls and rivers, Shahrekord is home to nomad tribes. Visit the nomad tribes of Shahrekord and learn more about their traditions and daily life. Overnight stay in Shahrekord.

Day 7- Shahrekord to Yasuj

After breakfast, you will have an early morning drive to Yasuj via Semirom. Semirom is known as the “City of Waterfalls and Springs” and is set in a beautiful mountainous area. At Yasuj, another city set in the Zagros Mountains with beautiful natural attractions, you will visit nomadic tribes. Overnight stay in Yasuj.

Day 8-Yasuj-Shiraz

Spend the day learning more about the nomadic lifestyle and traditions visiting the nomad regions around Yasuj. Driving southeast through the Zagros Mountains you will arrive in Shiraz in the evening. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 9-Shiraz

Start a beautiful morning in one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia seeing some of the many interesting cultural and historic sites including the Arg of Karim Khan, Pars museum, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, the Moshir Caravanserai and the Vakil Bazaar, the oldest bazaar in Shiraz. Then continue your tour by visiting Jahan Nama Garden, Quran Gate and the Ali ebne Hamze Shrine, where the tiny glittering mirrors covering the entire interior will leave you breathless. You will also go to the tombs of Hafez and Saadi. It is a moving experience to be in these beautiful gardens, joining other visitors in reading poems over the graves of two of Iran’s most famous poets. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 10 - Shiraz

Shiraz is known as the “city of roses and nightingales” and you will spend the day visiting Eram Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful Narenjestan Garden and Zinat-al-Molk House. You will also step into a kaleidoscope of colors at the famous Nasir al Molk Mosque and visit the Jame Atiq, one of the oldest mosques in Iran. In the afternoon, you will spend some time at the Chamran Hotel where there is a fantastic view of Shiraz from the 23rd floor and experience modern Iranian social life by visiting a shopping mall. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 11 - shiraz /Firuz Abad

In the morning leave Shiraz to drive a short distance to Firuzabad, one of the capitals of Persia under the Sassanids. Here you will visit the nomadic Qashqai people and their village of nomad tents. Overnight shiraz.

Day 12 - Shiraz /Yazd

A short distance from Shiraz lie some of the most important sites of the Ancient Persian Empire. You will explore the ruined columns of Persepolis, visit the impressive and imposing tombs of Naghsh-e-Rostam and see Naghsh-e-Rajab, a group of four bas reliefs carved in the side of a cliff. See Pasargadae, the capital of Ancient Persia, built by Cyrus the Great. One of the most revered rulers of the Persian Empire, Cyrus is buried at Pasargadae in a simple but impressive tomb. Later you will drive to one of the oldest cities on earth, Yazd. Along the way, stop in Abarqu and see the four-million-year-old Cupressus sempervirens, a huge cypress tree that is the second oldest living thing in Asia. The desert oasis of Yazd is the center of Zoroastrian culture and Persian architecture. You will marvel at the wind towers and water irrigation systems invented by ancient engineers and architects to make living in the hot, arid desert manageable. Visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Atashkedeh Fire Temple, Amir Chaghmagh complex, a 19th century traditional house, Lariha House and the Dowlat Abad Garden, one of Iran’s most beautiful gardens. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 13 - Yazd/ Tehran for Departure

Today you will fly to Tehran and transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport for your flight home.

Tour highlights


Golestan Palace. Tehran Bazaar . The National Archaeological Museum . Jewelry Museum and Carpet Museum


Borujerdi and Tabatabei Houses . Tepe Sialk . Fin Garden



Chehel Sotoun . Naghsh-e Jahan Square . Ali Qapu Palace . Sheikh Lotfollah &  Imam Mosque . Qeysarie Bazaar . Sio-se-Pol and Khadju Bridge . Jame Atiq Mosque . Hasht Behesht . Vank Cathedral


Nomad tribes


Nomadic tribes


Arg of Karim Khan . Pars museum . Vakil Bath . Vakil Mosque . Moshir Caravanserai . Vakil Bazaar . Jahan Nama Garden . Quran Gate and the . Ali ebne Hamze Shrine . Tombs of Hafez and Saadi . Narenjestan Garden . Zinat-al-Molk House . Nasir al Molk Mosque

Jame Atiq







Zoroastrian Towers of Silence . Atashkedeh Fire Temple . Amir Chaghmagh complex . Dowlat Abad Garden

Tour facts

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