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Heritage properties are important travel destinations around the world. In this itinerary you’re going to experience more than 10 Iran Unesco world heritage sites in great cities such as Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and also Kerman the city with the most heritage sites in Iran. In addition to visiting highlighted cultural sites, be ready to spend a fabulous night at the Lut desert where the desert night sky full of glittering stars can be viewed closely, isn’t it breathtaking?!

Tour by detail

Day 1: Tehran

Arrival in Tehran, met at the airport and transfer to hotel. Overnight Tehran

Day 2: Tehran

After a traditional Iranian breakfast, you will have a full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Place. It is a complex that consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and it is worth to spend a few hours to visit its luxuriously decorated rooms, nice and big dining area and ballroom and well landscaped Gardens and fountains. The Archaeological or national museum of Iran that represents you many different periods of Iran’s rich history, Glass, jewelry and Carpet Museums.Overnight Tehran.

Day 3: Tehran - Kashan

Drive to Kashan a beautiful oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir.  Visiting Tabatabaie and Borujerdi Residence, gorgeous 18th and 19th century traditional homes built by wealthymerchants. In the afternoon visit Fin garden the oldest living garden in Iran, a Unesco site in Iranian Gardens group. You will also visit the ancient archeological site Tepe Sialk.Overnight Kashan.

Day 4: Kashan - Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan in the morningen-route visiting Abyaneh. The red mud-brick buildings, people in traditional clothes (women with white long scarf and under-knee skirt and men who wear a long garment and a pair of loose canvas pants) and special unique architecture has made this village unique. In the afternoon you will visit Naghsh-e-Jahan Square. It is the second largest square of the world. The square is 160 meters wide by 508 meters long and was initially intended as the site of state ceremonies and sporting events, but by 1602. Jame Mosques is on the south end, the Lutfallah Mosque on the east, the Ali Qapu Palace on the west, and a grand bazaar on the north. At the grand Ali Qapu Palace, you will marvel at the gorgeous Music Room and stand on a terrace where Shahs watched polo matches on the field below. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 5: Isfahan - Yazd

Visit the magnificent Jame Atiq Mosque One of the oldest mosques of Iran that dates back to 8 century and the palace of forty columns (Chehel Sotun) which was built by Shah Abbas II in 1647 as a reception hall. After that walking along the Zayande Rood River and Isfahan famous ancient bridges (si-o-se pol & Khadju).Then Drive to Yazd, en-route stopping in Naein to visit the ethnology museum at Pirnia Traditional House and the Rigareh Water Mill and Aba Bafi man made caves. Overnight Yazd.

Day 6: Yazd

You will spend a whole day discovering Yazd, one of the oldest cities on earth. Start with a short walk in the old and traditional parts of the city in long, narrow lanes and experience the sense of being stopped in the time. Visiting Mir-Chakhmaq complex, Jame Mosque, Dowlat-Abad Garden, Fire Temple, Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Zarch Qanat based on time.Overnight Yazd.

Day 7: Yazd- Kerman

Drive to Kerman the city with the most Unesco sites in Iran. Visiting Zeinodin caravanserai en-route.  Drive to Shahdad desert the natural Unesco site to visit the desert landscape. Spend the night at desert.

Day 8: Shahdad - Kerman

Drive to Kerman for a full day city tour of Kerman the Ganj-Ali Khan complex belongs to Safavid era (bath, caravanserai and bazaar), excursions to Mahan to visit the Shah Nematolah-e Vali Shrine, and Prince Gardens at Mahan. Drive to Meymand the village of cave dwellers. This Unesco world heritage site has been continuously inhabited for 2,000 to 3,000 years making it one of Iran’s four oldest surviving villages.Overnight Meymand.

Day 9: Maymand - Shiraz

After a short walk through Meymand village in the morning drive to Shiraz. Visiting Pasargadea, the Capital of ancient Persia and the Tomb of Cyrus, Persepolis and Naghsh-e-Rostam the must –see sites for not only history buffs but also everyone who like to know more about the history of Persian Empireen-route.  Overnight Shiraz.

Day 10: Shiraz

Shiraz the city of roses and nightingales has many historical and cultural sites and you will visit a Unesco site Eram Garden, tombs of Hafez& Saadi, two of Iran’s most famous poets, Quran Gate, the colourful Mosque of Nasir Almolk and Zandieh complex (Karim khan’s citadel, Pars museum, Vakil bath, Vakil mosque, Vakil bazaar). Besed on time visiting shahcheraq shrine where the tiny glittering mirrors covering the entire interior.Overnight Shiraz

Day 11: Shiraz - Ahvaz- Shooshtar

Flight to Ahvaz in the morning. Have a short walk along the Karoon. After that drive to Shooshtar. For the night staying at Mostofi house a masterpiece of architecture in the city. Overnight Shooshtar.

Day 12: Shooshtar- Susa

Visit historical hydraulic system which is an island city from the Sassanid era with a complex irrigation system. The site has been referred to as “a masterpiece of creative genius” by UNESCO .Then Old city of Shooshtar.Continue the way to visit susa attractions. The must see ruins of Achaemenian Palace of Apadana. it was built 2500 years ago in western Iran, lay at the center of the Persian Empire that stretched from the Nile and the Aegean to the Indus Valley; Susa Museum and the traditional burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel .i.e. Daniel. Visiting Chogha Zanbil (Ziggurat) the ancient Elamite complex that was built about 1250 BC by the king Untash-Napirishia, mainly to honor the great god Inshushinak. It was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1979. Finally visiting Haft Tappe (based on time).  Overnight Susa

Day 13: Susa - Khorramabad

Drive to khoramabad in Lorestan province. Visiting Falak-olAflak castle. This beautiful castle belongs to Sassanid era and is situated on the top of a large hill. Overnight Khorramabad

Day 14: khorramabad - Kermanshah

Drive to Kermanshah visiting the Achaemenian inscriptions and reliefs at Bisotoun a Unesco site en-route. In the city visit Sassanian bas-reliefs at Tagh-e Bostan.Overnight Kermanshah

Day 15: Kermanshah - Hamadan

Drive to Hamadan, en-route visiting Tanbur workshop in Sahne village and the Anahita Temple at Kangavar.In the afternoon go on a city tour of Hamadan, one of the most ancient parts of Iran with  a very old civilization  that dates back to the time of the Medes (700 BC) and holds several historical sites  like the traditional tomb housing the biblical Esther and her cousin Mordechai , the tomb of famous  scientist and writer i.e. Avecina and  The 11th century Iranian poet Baba Taher.Overnight Hamadan

Day 16: Hamadan- Tehran

Drive to Tehran en-route visiting Ali Sadr cave and lalejin village which is very famous for its pottery and ceramics workshops. Transfer to International airport for departure flight.

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Tour highlights

Golestan palace
Iranian Gardens
Tepe Sialk
Naqshe Jahan square
Jame Atiq Mosques
Lut desert
Meymand village
Parse police
Nasir al Molk Mosque
Shooshtar hydraulic system
Falak-olAflak castle

Tour facts

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