Iran Silkroad Tour  10 Days

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Silk Road, once the life line of global economy, still has its charm and beauty for a modern day traveler. We invite you to book this itinerary as Iran was once a vibrant part of this ancient road and some of the villages and towns enroute have still kept their ancient way of life. This Silk Road tour takes you through rugged landscapes to distant cities that are quite different from the eastern metropolises. You will catch a glimpse how east and west met hundreds of years ago.

Tour by detail

Day 1 - Tehran

Arrival to Tehran, transfer to hotel; overnight Tehran.

Day 2- Tehran

Full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Place that is both a historic site and museum. It is a complex that consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and it is worth to spend a few hours to visit its luxuriously decorated rooms, nice and big dining area and ballroom and well landscaped Gardens and fountains. The Archaeological or national museum of Iran that represents you many different periods of Iran’s rich history, Glass and Carpet Museums.  Overnight Tehran.

Day 3-Tehran /Mashhad

In the morning flight to the second most populous city of Iran and the major oases along the ancient silk road ;it is also home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza ,one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in the world.  City tour of Mashhad to visit The Imam Reza Holy shrine and Nader shad tomb; then drive to Tous to visit Ferdowsi tomb and Haruniyeh Dome.  Overnight Mashhad.

Day 4- Mashhad

Excursion to Neishabour to visit the Tomb of famous poets of Iran.i.e Attar. He has been one of the greatest writers and thinkers of Sufism (the inner, mystical, or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam), then spending some time for visiting the tomb of a man who has been the author of one of the most important treatises on algebra which is written before modern times, a famous philosopher and teacher, astronomer and also Poet in Iran and may b in the world. This man is Omar khayyam a Persian polymath  who wrote many books in different field of science, religion and culture such as mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, and Islamic theology  ; enroute we will have a short stop to visit Ghadamgah and since Mashhad is very famous for its Turquoise; so, depend on the time we will visit a turquoise mine  ,too  .  Overnight Mashhad.

Day 5- Mashhad /Bastam

Drive to Shahrud to visit The Amirieh Bath, it is an ancient relic from Qajar era with two main halls and four beautifully sculptured rounded pillars of stone and also a pull which called hauz in Iran. Drive to Bastam to visit Bayazid Bastami Tomb and jame mosque, overnight Bastam.

Day 6- Bastam /Damghan

Drive to Damghan  city to visit Tarikkhaneh  or home of god that is  the oldest mosque of Iran, the ancient city of  Hecatompylos, Tappeh hessar , Aramgah-e Pir Alamdar ,  permanent spring of Cheshme Ali and The Round Tower; overnight Damghan.

Day 7- Damghan /Qazvin

Drive to Qazvin for a half day city tour to visit The Jameh Mosque and The Chehel Sotoun or Kolah Farangi .this building dates back to Safavid Era.; overnight Qazvin.

Day 8-Qazvin /Zanjan

Drive to Zanjan in which you can find many beautiful handicrafts and also historical attractions.  Tour of Zanjan to visit  the traditional Laundry House that belongs to  Qajar Era and  called Rakhtshoor-khaneh, The Jameh Mosque, Saltmen museum , the Saltmen was found  the Chehrabad salt mines in the winter of 1993  , the two Pleasant Teahouses and the fantastic bazaar; overnight Zanjan.

Day 9- Zanjan /Tabriz

Drive to Soltaniyeh town which is located in 35 km of Zanjan to visit another iran UNESCO world heritage site ,  the third largest Dome in the world after Santa Maria Dome and Hagia Sophia Dome and the largest brick made dome in the world. it isn’t  in Zanjan –Tabriz route but worth to visit ;  Then Drive back to Tabriz ,overnight Tabriz.

Day 10- (First option ) Tabriz/Tehran (Second option ) Tabriz/Maku
  • Tabriz –Tehran

Full day city tour of Tabriz to visit The El Goli Pavilion , the Mashrooteh House; Blue Mosque, The Azerbaijan Museum and the bazaar; then fly to Tehran, transfer to Intl. Airport for your departure flight.


  • Tabriz-Maku ( Bazargan Border)

Half day city tour of Tabriz, then drive to Maku, en route visit The St. Thaddeus (Black) Church near Maku; finally drive to Bazargan Border.

Tour highlights


Golestan Place  . Archaeological . Glass and Carpet Museums


Holy shrine of Imam Reza .  Nader shad tomb


Ferdowsi tomb . Haruniyeh Dome


Tomb of Attar . Tomb of khayyam . Ghadamgah


Amirieh Bath


Bayazid Bastami Tomb . Jame mosque


Tarikkhaneh . The ancient city of  Hecatompylos . Tappeh hessar . Aramgah-e Pir Alamdar . permanent spring of Cheshme Ali


Jameh Mosque . Chehel Sotoun or Kolah Farangi


Rakhtshoor-khaneh . The Jameh Mosque .  Saltmen museum .  Soltaniyeh


El Goli Pavilion .  Mashrooteh House .  Blue Mosque .  The Azerbaijan Museum . Bazaar


St. Thaddeus (Black) Church

Tour facts

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