Iran is a country of both mountains and deserts with a diverse climate condition, so that people who live in the northwest of Iran have mild springs and falls, cold winters with heavy snowfall, and hot and dry summers; while people in the south of Iran have mild winters and very hot summers. Due to Iran’s geographical status and climate during cold seasons when ski resorts in Iran are ready to welcome ski lovers from different countries, diving resorts also attracts many divers. No need to say that the combination of diving and skiing in a specific tour package could provide travelers with a memorable winter in Iran.


Following are famous Iran ski resorts and diving centers in Persian Gulf:

  • Dizin Ski Resort: This international ski resort is located about 100 kms north of Tehran in the Mount Alborz. It is the most known ski resort in Iran and the Middle East and one of the highest ones among them. The ski season in Dizin lasts longer than all the other resorts in Iran and even the European ski resorts, because of its high altitude and also its north facing slopes. The proper time for skiing in Dizin is approximately from Mid November to late May.

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Skillful ski trainers offer step-by-step ski training courses to the trainees and those who love to spend their time in this beautiful resort. Dizin is good for both experts and Intermediate skiers. Skiing facilities are available in the resort to hire; such as all kind of ski and snowboard, mono board and alpine ski, cross country skis and accessories. Four tele-cabins, nine dish tele-skis, one hammer tele-ski, and two chairlifts exist in the resort. Dizin has two hotels, the Gajereh and Dizin, 19 cottages and 6 restaurants.

  • Tochal Ski Resort: Mount Tochal, sub- range of Mount Alborz range, is located in north of Tehran in the Shemiran area. Beautiful landscape with fresh air and sweet water springs makes Tochal a fantastic recreational region. Its tele-cabin line is one of the longest connected tele-cabin lines in the world. This beautiful complex has fitness centers and sports facilities for skiing, hiking, archery, paint ball (gunfire) and body building. The proper time for skiing in Tochal is from 22 November to 22 March. Tochal tele-cabins have three main lines, two chairlifts and T-bar lines and a tele-ski. The Tochal luxurious hotel and two restaurants are also among facilities.Shemshak Ski Resort: Shemshak is situated about 57 kilometers northeast of Tehran in the Mount Alborz. It is the second largest ski resort in Iran after Dizin ski resort. The proper time for skiing in shemshak is approximately from 22 November to 22 March. Shemshak has three dish tele-skis and two hammer tele-skis, two chair lift stations and three J-Bar stations; also, it has flood lights for skiing at night which is suitable for more advanced skiers. Two hotels and four restaurants are ready to give services to the travelers in this resort.
  • Ab-Ali Ski Resort: Abali is the first ski resort that has been announced as the birthplace of modern skiing in Iran. It is located about 57 kms east of Tehran. Proper time for skiing is from December 22 to March 19.  It is open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays all year round. Ab-Ali has one tele-cabin, five dish tele-skis, three hammer tele-skis and a chairlift. There is one Hotel and six restaurants in this ski resort. In fact, it is a recreation center that also has facilities for tennis, horse riding and gliding.
    The characteristics that have distinguished Ab-Ali from other ski resorts are its tourist attractions such as the Imam-Zadeh Hashem Holy Shrine and the thermal spring water that has high Calcium Bicarbonate content.


  • Darbandsar Ski Resort: Located 60 kilometers away from Tehran, Darbandsar is renowned both for its unique and picturesque landscape as well as for its varied climate. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate skiers. Proper time for skiing is early December and to the end of April. Two chairlifts and three tele-skies exist in this ski resort.


  • Pouladkaf Ski Resort: The only ski resort in south of Iran is Pouladkaf international ski resort, located in the city of Sepidan which is about 80 km away from Shiraz. Proper time for skiing in Poladkaf complex is approximately from December to the end of March. This ski resort has a tele-cabin, three tele-skis, surface lift, and a snowmobile. There is a guesthouse, a restaurant and a coffee shop ready to give services to skiers. There is a magnificent waterfall, Magoon waterfall, not far from the Pooladkaf complex which freezes during winter times.


  • Kish Diving Center: Diving is possible in Kish Island all around the year. Kish diving center is the biggest and the most equipped diving complex in Iran. It is located on the beach outside Shayan International Hotel in Kish Island. You can also go jet skiing, surfing, boating and even get diving training courses in this complex.


  • Divepersia: Is a dive center in Hengam Island providing you with the highest possible training and safety standards. Hengam Island located not far from Qeshm, is considered as one of the best dive places with its beautiful reefs and dive sites. This center has all diving equipments, dive boats, equipped training classes and also residency for trainers.

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