Niavaran palace complex

This beautiful complex that belongs to Qajar and Pahlavi era is located in north of Tehran and in 9000 square meters area. The main palace was built in 1831 and completed in 1896 as the summer residence of Qajar kings and in a reed bed near” Gorde vey “ or “Gorde beh “ village out [...]

Saadabad Palace

This palace was built by Qajar Kings in 19th century as their summer residence in Tochal foothills and Darband valley. In 1920s, Reza shah Pahlavi and in 1970s his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi with their Royal family live there. During Pahlavi era around 18 palaces were built that all are the symbol of beautiful Iranian [...]

Golestan Place

Golestan Place  as one of the complexes that has been built in different eras ,is located in Arg square of Tehran and due to its long history  which is around 422 years , it’s beautiful art works that is the symbol of awesome works  of Iranian artists and  also some important happenings (events)   that had [...]

Iran National jewelry museum

Jewellery museum is one of the most previous collections of jewelries in the world that was established in 1955 and opened in 1960 under the supervisions of Iran central bank. Here you will have a chance to look at the most dazzling and expensive jewels that is incomparable to any other collection of gemstone and [...]