Food is a major element of all cultures around the world and local cuisine has always been an important part of most travel experiences. Food tourism tells the story of people’s cultural history. Traditional Recipes and the history behind them are Intangible Cultural Heritage helps people to exchange life experiences with others. Since the quality of food is an important part of travelers’ destination image, the culinary tourism has the fastest growth between all tourism niche markets. Culinary tourism is a branch of cultural tourism and closely related to rural tourism. It plays an important role in tourism destinations these days by covering national cuisines, taste tours, ways of preparing meals, farmers markets, restaurants, street kitchens, shops and much more appealing activities.
As a Food Traveler you will explore destination’s culture through its traditional foods and recipes, taste unknown ingredients with different combinations, learn about the origin of crops, take part in training courses to prepare local foods by your own hands and exchange culture through personal contacts and finally create matchless experiences out of your visit. Iran has a fabulous gastronomic culture based on its great history. Geography, culture, religion and history of a region shape its food characteristics; the long ethnic and cultural history of Iranian people in this vast land can be seen in various food types, cooking recipes and the rituals of organizing meals. Local foods represent the region’s local culture and any visit will not be completed without tasting the local cuisine. Iran also registered Rasht as a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy for owning about 200 traditional Iranian recipes.
Due to these explanations, in my opinion tasting various Persian cuisines and participating in their unique process of cooking have a great influence on people’s decision to visit Iran and make fantastic memories out of their trip to Iran.
Tracing the Iran’s ancient history through its cuisine, welcoming guests with warm Iranian hospitality, preserving diverse regional traditions and protect the culinary heritage of our country on the way to healthy living, Iran tour center offers combined food tourism with branches like cultural, village, educational and agritourism to meet all your interests in a specific Iran package tour, such as Taste of Persia tour and Persian dish tour. You’re invited to this charming setting to finally bring home back the knowledge of local cuisines as matchless souvenirs of Persia!

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